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  • The Root Cellar

    The Root Cellar is our organic restaurant serving breakfast/brunch, lunch and dinner (Mon-Sat 8am - 10pm). We are also the only local, organic,  juice bar and cafe in London.

    Our menu is seasonal, organic and local, and we have different options every day. Everything is made from scratch in house, and we offer full transparency on where our food comes from. We embrace the tenets of the slow food movement while consciously striving to offer affordable and accessible options to our community.

    Now proudly serving fine local and seasonal beers from angolophone Canada's first worker-owned cooperative brewery, the London Brewing Co-operative!

    We believe that food is political, that the choices we make about food--what we choose to eat and who we choose to support by doing so--resonate through our community, our economy, and our planet. At the foundation of this project is a commitment to invigorating our community, discovering the plentitude of our local foodshed, supporting sustainable agriculture, and working cooperatively.

  • Our Philosophy

    In addition to our local, healthy offerings, On The Move Organics believes in a well balanced community founded on co-operation. Social and environmental justice along with political and economic democracy are critical components to a sustainable food system. Bridging the gap between rural and urban communities by communicating regional needs, we work to develop support networks of understanding. When making decisions for our business trajectory and practices, we emphasize the importance of these needs for a healthy world. 

    It just so happens that by following this philosphy, we are able to offer excellent customer service and incredible products! 

  • Home Delivery

    Fresh, certified organic fruit and vegetables. 100% local boxes in season, featuring fresh produce from small-scale organic farms surrounding London. 

    How to order


    Delivery Area

    Create an account for our online store. Place your orders by Monday at midnight for delivery the following Wednesday or Thursday between 4 and 9PM.