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  • Sustainable Delivery

    On The Move Organics is motivated by sustainable transportation as well as produce. We are proud to offer bicycle-delivery of our Standard Local and Custom Local Boxes. Many of you have no doubt seen our custom-built bike riding the streets of London, stacked high with delivery boxes. The bike, designed and built using 80% reclaimed materials by Jensen Didulo of Little Magic Cycles, is the longest cargo bike in North America! Since we initiated our bicycle delivery program in the spring of 2009, we have expanded to cover an 18 square kilometre delivery area 8-9months of the year. 


    Our converted mini bus moves throughout the rest of London two days a week. Often, it will be covered in evidence (dust and dirt) of our weekly journies to our local farms. We have chosen this diesel vehicle in the hopes of initiating our bio-diesel co-operative program in 2012. (While the bio-diesel project did not materialize, we have initiated a new exciting project that will hopefully launch in the fall of 2015!) Stay tuned to learn more about the R.E.A.C.T. (renewable electric assist cargo tricycle).

    Check out this 2009 article from the London Free Press about the bike delivery!


  • Email List

    Sign up for our e-mail list (bottom right corner) to keep abreast of happenings in our fair city's local food movement. Signing up is also a great way to follow great way to follow what produce is freshest, sweetest, and most local! There's never an obligation to order. 






  • The Standard Local

    On The Move Organics offers a weekly Standard Local Box full of fresh, certified organic fruit and vegetables available for delivery. In season, we are able to offer 100% local boxes with fresh produce from farms surrounding London. In colder months, we supplement with food from more southern regions of North America and fair trade certified produce from Central and South America. Each week is a tantalizing new combination of produce, and often comes with recipe suggestions, food trivia, or info on farmers and producers! For the reasonable price of $30, this home-delivered box is sure to satisfy the most savvy local and organic foodie!

    Find out what's in next week's box by signing up up at the bottom of this page by filling in your email address. You will receive an email every Friday with all necessary instructions, product availability and detailed information on how to place an order.

  • Producers

    On The Move Organics strives to support local, small-scale, independent farms and businesses when seasonally available. Keep checking back for more info, interviews, and photos in our news feed!

    Here is a list of a few of our local producers, suppliers and innovators.