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  • Green Grocery

    Visit our green grocery retail space every Saturday at The Western Fair Farmers' and Artisans' Market for all your organic grocery needs! This is where it all started for On The Move. At the green grocery we stock everything from fresh local produce and fruits, to organic grains and dried goods, to natural dairy products. Make sure to try our free-range Gingerich eggs and our line of fresh and dried herbs from Heritage Line! 

    As with all our efforts, our main focus in our green grocery is on certified organic produce and products, with a special emphasis on local or fair trade. We have new products every week, and we always take our customers' tastes into consideration when ordering!

  • Juice Bar

    The Root Cellar Market Kitchen and Juice Bar upstairs on the second floor. As London's only organic juice and smoothie bar, we are proud to offer you a selection of tried-and-true favourites such as the energy-packed Sikorski Slammer or the nutrient dense Green Machine smoothie. Sick of the same? Our energetic juice bartenders whip up new healthy and delicious concoctions every weekend to keep it interesting! There's also a delicious array of fresh baked goodies from The Root Cellar and great options for breakfast and lunch. 

     Don't miss this Saturday Market treat! 

  • Our Roots

    OTMO was founded in 2008 by Jeff Pastorius, a then-recent grad of Huron University College's Global Studies and Philosophy Program. A pervasive concern with sustainable food politics soon had him obsessively seeking out local organic farms.  With a passion for sustainability, food sovereignty and local small scale farming, Jeff was on the turbulent but rewarding path of produce! 

    OTMO's first incarnation was as a small outdoor market booth offering a selection of local organic food. Soon after, we established a home delivery system (read: Jeff and his mom Jeanette filled boxes and delivered them in his friend`s tiny car. Many thanks to Jeanette for your years of help!). That fall, we secured a permanent retail location on the main floor of The Western Fair Farmers’ and Artisans’ Market, run by Jeff's sister Jen.  In the spring of 2010, we built a dual-use space on the second floor of the market, where we assembled our home delivery boxes out of the custom built walk-in cooler (we used old doors, air conditioners, bike parts, and lots and lots of insulation!). The booth also features a beautiful, community-designed and built organic juice bar. In June of 2011, Joel Pastorius came on board the OTMO team followed by Aaron Lawrence in August and have both become core members.

    In the summer of 2012 we moved our operations into a renovated warehouse space at 623 Dundas Street, after nearly a full year of planning, demolition, and rebuilding (THANK YOU to all our handy friends who helped every step of the way!). With the beautiful old winery storefront in the front of the warehouse as a venue, what better project to add than an organic cafe and bakery? In April, Ellie Cook joined the team followed by artisan baker Max Collin to run The Root Cellar Organic Cafe.

    Eight years have flown by and we are ever-grateful to our families, friends, community, and of course our customers for keeping us busy and constantly reminding us of our love for healthy, local, organic food.


  • The Standard Local

    On The Move Organics offers a weekly Standard Local Box full of fresh, certified organic fruit and vegetables available for delivery. In season, we are able to offer 100% local boxes with fresh produce from farms surrounding London. In colder months, we supplement with food from more southern regions of North America and fair trade certified produce from Central and South America. Each week is a tantalizing new combination of produce, and often comes with recipe suggestions, food trivia, or info on farmers and producers! For the reasonable price of $30, this home-delivered box is sure to satisfy the most savvy local and organic foodie!

    Find out what's in next week's box by signing up up at the bottom of this page by filling in your email address. You will receive an email every Friday with all necessary instructions, product availability and detailed information on how to place an order.